Abandoned RAF Base Photo-Shoot

So what’s the first thing you’d do when somebody tells you that there is an abandoned RAF base only a few miles away from your house? I jumped onto the internet to find people who wanted to be involved in a photo-shoot on the site and luckily Gabrielle agreed to come along and shoot with me there.

The RAF base located close to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is some 20 or so acres and has around 30 or so abandoned buildings which gave us some great backgrounds for photo’s. We spent the best part of an afternoon exploring the buildings and even came across 2 tanks!

Gabrielle was fantastic throughout the day, a little too daring if I’m honest and had no hesitation in climbing around the remains to get some good photographs.

So below are the results of our little wonder around, I’m planning a zombie shoot there in the near future with as many zombies / survivors / army guys as we can muster together so if your interested and want to be involved, just get in contact!

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  1. Steven Whitmore

    Amazing photograph’s! Love the location and the tank shot is awesome, but my real favourite is the Apocalypse Awakening shot, what a great idea! Took me right back to the start of films / TV programmes like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later / Etc. Really well done.