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Boudoir After Dark

An Interactive Photography Experience Based In Cornwall, UK.

A photoshoot that is as much an experience as it is photography, this isn’t your typical boudoir photoshoot, it is for those that want to explore a world beyond the norm. You’ll have looked at the standard boudoir photoshoots and be left wanting a little more. You will be curious in nature, open to trying new things and happy to place yourself in our control. We guarantee that having taken part in our Boudoir After Dark Photography Experience, you’ll come out of the other side with some incredible photographs to treasure and memories of a unique experience.

Boudoir After Dark

The Experience

During this interactive photography experience, you’ll take on the role of the submissive, exposing your vulnerabilities to your dominant and exploring a side that you may never have known was there. Placing your trust in your dominant, you’ll be taken down the rabbit hole, have your boundaries challenged and bought back up again with your curiosities satisfied. The aim is to create some stunning photographs that you perhaps never thought were possible, the experience is something that you may never have engaged in before, the end result can be enlightening in so many ways.

The experience starts the very second you knock on our door, we’ll leave you instructions to follow and from that second you have entered our world and the game begins. There are a few rules for the experience:

1). We’ll agree before the experience in great detail what you are comfortable with and what your boundaries are. These boundaries will NEVER be pushed, so when the game begins you’ll need to do as your dominant tells you.

2). You won’t speak unless your dominant tells you too. No hello, no goodbye, you might spend 3 hours in silence… That is for your dominant to choose.

3). You will only see if your dominant chooses to let you. On arrival, you may be asked to place on a blindfold and you might spend 3 hours in a blackout, this is for your dominant to choose.

4). Everything will be photographed, this is, of course, the point of the entire photography experience!

Boudoir After Dark
Boudoir After Dark
Boudoir After Dark

The Admin

Lets us be straight here, you are going to have to sign your life away at least 10 times in many forms and pieces of paperwork that says you are happy to engage in this photography experience and that set’s out everything that you are comfortable with. Our current brief contains nearly 60 different elements, from nudity to interactions that you can agree to or not agree to, you’ll never be pushed either way and you’re in full control over what your experience entails via these prior agreements.

We’ll send you all of these once you have made a booking and your experience will not go ahead should we not receive these at least 72 hours prior to your booked date. We want your After Dark Boudoir Photography Experience to be remembered for all the right reasons, hence the preparation is key.

Boudoir After Dark
  • Boudoir After Dark
  • £495.00
  • 3 Hour Photoshoot
  • Pre-shoot Guide On Preparing For Your Shoot
  • Your Choice Of Dominant
  • Assistance With Posing & Styling
  • 25 - 40 Professionally Edited, High-Resolution Images
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Boudoir After Dark FAQ's

Who Is My ‘Dominant’?

You have 2 options here. Your dominant is either your partner or loved one and our photographer will work closely with them to control the session.

Alternatively, the photographer can act as your dominant for this experience. You are able to select your preference when booking. If you select the photographer as your dominant, nobody is allowed to be present to view the experience.

Where will this Photoshoot take place?

We run this photoshoot from a location in Newquay, Cornwall, UK. The exact address will be given to you 24 hours prior to your booking date. We will not run this shoot from any other location due to the nature of it, please do not ask.

Can I Bring Somebody With Me?

No, this experience is limited only to people taking part and no spectators are allowed. This rule is set in stone, please do not ask.

Is Hair & Makeup Included?

No, you’ll need to either do this yourself or organise a hair / makeup artist to attend during your session. We’ve no problem if you’d like them to do your hair and makeup here.

How Long Does The Photo-Shoot Last?

Your session will last up to 3 hours. It may be quicker, but we like to get it right and not rush things so please do allow this amount of time.

How Many Images Will I Recieve?

You will usually receive between 25-40 high resolution, professionally edited images available via digital download within 72 hours of the shoot.

Who Is Present During The Shoot?

From our side it will just be Paul present, nobody else is ever invited.

  • Oh my goodness, I was not expecting that! Paul and his team clearly put so much time and effort into arranging these photography experiences, every little detail is thought through and whilst you end up arriving somewhat to the unknown, I was comfortable because we'd done so much prep work beforehand I thought I knew what to expect. Let me start here and say it was 100 times better than expected, the photographs are amazing and never in my life did I think I'd take part in a photography session like that. The experience is really well thought through, in character at all times and aside from hearing the camera clicking, I completely forgot he was taking photographs! This won't be for everybody of course, but it is the best thing I have done in a long, long time.
    Sarah - Cornwall, UK

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