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Boudoir Photography Near Plymouth, Devon, UK

Boudoir Photoshoots Throughout Cornwall & Devon, UK

Paul David Smith has worked as a professional boudoir photographer throughout Devon & Cornwall since 2008 and he understands that taking part in a boudoir photoshoot might be one of the bravest decisions somebody can take for themselves. His approach is always professional, with the sole aim of delivering you a set of images which you will be proud of for years to come.

Boudoir Photoshoot

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During this traditional boudoir photoshoot we will capture some stunning images of you in a classic boudoir photography setup.
From £175.00

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Bodyscape Photoshoot

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Bodyscape boudoir photography allows us to capture more dramatic images than traditional boudoir using highlights and shadows.

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Sand Dune Secrets – Outdoor Boudoir Photoshoot

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Sand Dune Secrets is an outdoor boudoir photoshoot, perfect for couples or individuals, delivering a series of intimate images which you will love.

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In-Car Boudoir

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We’ll park our car up in a secluded location and take advantage of the unique features, angles and intrigue that shooting boudoir in a car allows.

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Creating a great set of boudoir photographs requires a good collaboration between you and the photographer and Paul will work closely with you to ensure he captures the images you want. Whether you have something specific in mind or you’ve been inspired by images you have seen on our website, Paul’s relaxed style and approach to boudoir photography will mean you are in good hands and the shoot will be tailored to your requirements.

Paul has photographed individuals and couples from all over the UK with the counties of Devon and Cornwall and the closest major city of Plymouth being where most people travel to see him from.

Boudoir Photography FAQ's

Where Will The Boudoir Photoshoots Take Place?

Your Boudoir Photography photoshoot will take place in or very close to Newquay, Cornwall, UK dependant upon which shoot you choose.

Is Hair & Makeup Included?

No, you’ll need to either do this yourself or organise a hair / makeup artist to attend during your session. We’ve no problem if you’d like them to do your hair and makeup here.

How Long Does The Photo-Shoot Last?

Your session will last up to 2 hours. It may be quicker, but we like to get it right and not rush things so please do allow this amount of time.

How Many Images Will I Receive?

You will usually receive between 20-30 high resolution, professionally edited images available via digital download within 72 hours of the shoot.

Can We Do These Shoots As A Couple?

Yes, you are most welcome to participate in any of our boudoir photoshoots as a couple or on your own, the choice is yours.

Can I Bring Somebody With Me?

Yes of course, you are very welcome to bring somebody with you. Please note however we’d prefer this to be one person than an entourage of family and friends.

Who Is Present During The Shoot?

From our side it will just be Paul present, nobody else. You are welcome to bring somebody with you if that would make you more comfortable.

Can I Combine Different Boudoir Photoshoots?

It is possible for us to combine different boudoir photoshoots and shoot them at the same time so please do feel free to ask, however please note that we will charge the total combined fees for all the shoots you choose.

Can I Use The Images For Onlyfans?

Yes, you are very welcome to publish any images or videos from our shoots on your OnlyFans channel or on similar websites.

What Is The Refund Policy?

Our Refund & Cancellation Policy Can Be Found Here.

  • I travelled to Paul from Plymouth the take part in one of his boudoir photoshoots and I'm so pleased I made the effort. Paul had arranged for the shoot to take place in a beautiful hotel room and had prepped me for what to expect from the shoot prior. His communication is excellent, he chats away throughout the shoot which makes it all a very comfortable experience and I was soon put at ease after panicking a lot prior to going on the day. To say the photos are incredible just does not do them justice, they far exceeded my expectations and would recommend Paul to anybody thinking about taking part in a boudoir photoshoot.
    Sophia George - Plymouth, Devon, UK

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