Catalogue Photography Peterborough

Product photography is something that I spend more and more of my days doing and whilst I have faced challenges in the past with it, this catalogue shot I did for Able Labels is potentially one of the more difficult I’ve faced to date.

They were introducing a new range of personalised back to school sports essentials and wanted to feature the whole range across a 2 page spread for their catalogue. The only brief I was given for this product photography was that they wanted to feature all 7 products in one photograph and the personalisation on each product had to be clear and legible.

So how did we achieve this shot? Well I came up with the idea of making the scene look something like a kids bedroom and made a quick visit to a few shops to buy colourful drawers / chairs / hooks / shelves / etc. The problem was that I am not the owner of a big studio, so where was I going to setup my scene? I did the only thing I could…

I painted my living room wall white, drilled in the shelves and hooks and spent a little while getting the shot which I am so pleased with. I then took down the shelves, filled in the holes and painted the wall back to its original colour all without my girlfriend noticing a thing (other than the smell of paint of course…).

These are often the lengths I have to go to in order to get the perfect shot for my clients! You are very welcome Able Labels.  🙂

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