Catalogue Product Photography

A print business I work with a lot recently came to me with a bit of a challenge, they had recently introduced a new range of personalised school name labels and they wanted to photograph them for their new back to school catalogue. The challenge, was to try and include 8 different type of name label in one single shot.

I do enjoy a good product photography challenge and set to work trying to figure out the best way to photograph these labels. I quickly decided that they needed to be on items that were relevant to their use, essentially showing what it is they would actually be used for. I think this is always a better way than simply photographing 8 random labels on a background without any context.

A quick trip to Mothercare via Tesco and I had bought enough props to pad the shot out. The rest was quite simple, I knew they wanted it over a double page spread so this gave me the dimensions to work with. The lighting was a large octagon softbox from above and everything was simply placed on a white board, giving an off grey finish thanks to the lighting.

I’m pleased with this shot, as ever with product photography the difficult part was working out the shot in my head beforehand, once I knew what I was doing it was pretty plain sailing.

25,000 catalogues will be going out to Able Labels customers with my photography in, a job well done.

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