Equifest Showjumping

Photographing showjumping events seems to have become a bit of a habit for me these days and I’m often invited along to events to cover the action. Whilst capturing the horses mid-flight over the top of a fence can sometimes be super challenging, I must admit to quite enjoying photographing showjumping competitions.

Equifest takes place in Cambridgeshire at Peterborough Arena and is one of the largest events in the equestrian calendar, attracting over 10,000 visitors and competitors. I was asked to cover the event for an industry magazine and was given the brief of capturing action shots from the competition.

I shot the event on my Canon 5D MKiii with the 70-200mm 2.8 L Lens which is my typical setup for sports and action photography when I can’t get as close to the action as I might typically like too.

A fun shoot to do, here are a couple of my photographs from the day.

equifest showjumping peterborough equifest showjumping peterborough equifest-showjumping-peterborough1-1 equifest showjumping peterboroughequifest-showjumping-peterborough-1  equifest




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