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Free Erotic Boudoir Photoshoots & Video Shoots

Join Professional Photographer & Filmmaker Paul David Smith In A Free Experimental Erotic Boudoir Photoshoot or Video shoot In Newquay, Cornwall, UK

The following experimental photoshoots which are listed on this page are all free to take part in. They are simply ideas I’ve had which I want to test out, see if they work, see if the images and videos we capture are good and if they are, I’ll make the photoshoot available for others to take part in going forward.

I’ve worked as a professional photographer and filmmaker for over 20 years so I fully expect us to capture great content on all of these, I just like to test things before I charge for them with paying clients.

Boudoir After Dark Cornwall

I Am Currently Looking For People To take Part In The Following Photo & Video Shoots

1). Submissive
As you are sat on the hotel bed blindfolded and waiting for me to arrive, you will start to feel slightly helpless. You signed up for this, you have agreed beforehand the boundaries of our encounter but from here on in you will be in my hands and a sense of wonder and curiosity will encompass you.

By now your brain is in overdrive, you have just met a stranger in a hotel room and have agreed to let him treat you as he desires. It strikes you that you are not just letting him do this, you asked for him to do this to you and you get excited, this is exactly what you signed up for.

When you agreed to this photoshoot experience you told me what you were comfortable with, but you do not know what will happen or what I have planned for you. Only that I will always remain within the set boundaries that we agreed prior.

Your blindfold remains on at all times. You never see me, you will never know who it was you shared this experience with and if I so choose, you may never speak to me either.

I will treat you only how you have asked me to treat you in our discussions beforehand, but there is no turning back now. By the time I am stood in front of you, your heart will be beating out of your chest. This is just the start of your journey…

We are looking for: Female, 18+


Example Of A Recent Collaboration Video With Tanya

To give you an idea of my style of videos and what I have made in the past please take a look at this recent collaboration video I made with Tanya. This was a classic boudoir scene, designed to be both cinematic and elegant in nature.

For this shoot we hired an Airbnb to get the aesthetics we wanted, discussed the shoot in detail beforehand which mean’t we both knew what to expect and managed to turn the whole video around in less than 2 hours. I’m super pleased with the results from it.


How To Apply

If you’ve made it this far and you would like to take part in any of the above listed photo and/or video shoots, here is the ideal person we are looking for:

– You understand these shoots are adult in nature, they will involve adult interaction with the photographer and you are comfortable with that.

– You are free to shoot in Newquay, Cornwall, UK within the next 10 days from the date you email. Please do not email asking if you can do the shoot in a few months time, we need to do them A.S.A.P.

– Looks, age, etc really aren’t all that important, you’ll just be confident in yourself and want to be apart of a fun shoot.

– You’ll be comfortable to shoot both video and photo content during these shoots.

– You are welcome to use the content we shoot for your OnlyFans or other content channels.

– You won’t waste my time. Please don’t contact me to do these and then cancel the day before. I put a lot of time and money into setting them up and arranging them, you need to be reliable please.

– If you stop the photoshoot at any point after starting for any reason, absolutely no pressure will be put on you to continue as I want you to be delighted with the experience. Please note however, you will only receive photos and videos from me if the shoot is 100% completed, otherwise the content will be of no use to me and it will be deleted.

If you are still interested, please send me a photo of yourself and details of which shoot you’d like to be involved in to

Please note that we only need one person for each of these shoots so as soon as we find the right person we will remove this free offer from the website.

Much Love