Greetings & Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my brand spanking, shiny new, super sparkly blog!

This blog and the website on the whole has been long in the making, “a photographer without an online presence?” they cried, so due to popular demand (largely being my mother and girlfriend) here we go, I have been given a voice!

My main passions are event and portrait photography, I started life out shooting events for a local magazine and here we are a number of years later still doing what I love just on a much grander scale.

My event photography is largely based around capturing the moment, somewhat candid shots that show what really went on at the event. Sometimes I’ll setup shots if I think it will compliment the candid work, but largely I like to take a step back and try to capture whats happening without interference.

My portrait work is very different, I like to take an element of a persons character, appearance or passion and try to blow it up to be large and bold and build a shot around it. This allows me to create shots which are true to the person being photographed and builds on who they are, rather than putting them into a scene they would never have found themselves in before. This obviously means they are more comfortable with being photographed, resulting in much more natural shots.

I’ll use this blog to share my photographic journey with you, keep you updated with my work and where I am and probably share a few random sunset landscapes from my journeys along the way.

If you’d like to be social with me you can do so on my Paul David Smith Photography Facebook page or my @PDS_PHOTO Twitter page.

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