So I Got A Front Page Image (FPI) On Purpleport

I don’t have much time to participate in photography communities as I’m often too busy with photo-shoots and trying to pay the bills, however one community I do dabble in every now and again is a site called

I largely use Purpleport to find models to work with but it’s a good place to chat with likeminded creatives and keep abreast of industry news too. Millions of photographs have been uploaded by photographers and models since the site started and the crowning glory of any image to be uploaded is to be awarded a ‘Front Page Image’ or FPI as they call them on the site.

Recently I found out that one of my photos had been awarded this status and this post is nothing more than a pat on the back to myself and a thank you to everybody who liked, shared and commented on the image.

Gabrielle - RAF Upwood

This photograph was taken at RAF Upwood with a model I met through Purpleport called Gabrielle. It’s always nice to be recognised by one’s peers and a sign I’m on the right track with my photography.

Right enough patting one’s self on the back, time to get back to work!



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