I Have A New Website!

The observant amongst you will notice that things look a little different on this website recently, however if your a new visitor you are probably just thinking “oh what a lovely website he has!”.

After a year of frustration with my old website, I gave up trying to fix it to work across all the devices people can access it from these days and started again from the ground up. The new website is mobile and tablet friendly (exciting hey!?) and has been designed with a lot of new features in mind to help my photography clients.

The truth of the matter is I’d simply grown out of what the old site was capable of, so what’s new?

  • Rather than the old gallery page which was capable of showing single images I now have templated portfolio pages, you can see an example of one here. This allows me to put me to show entire photography sets on the same page rather than having to flick through them all one by one…. and I like that!
  • A fancy new homepage that show’s off all my latest work! Admit it, you’d been wondering what I’d been up to and now you can find out you lucky devils.
  • Password protected galleries where clients can view and download there images any time they wish.
  • Whilst I haven’t activated it yet the new site has a shop area where you will be able to purchase prints, canvas’s and other products with my photograph’s on.
  • Did I mention the website will look super cool whether your checking it out on your phone, tablet or a desktop PC?

So there we have it, a week in the making but it’s the start of a new chapter with the website, there are a few other features I’m planning to build into the site soon enough but in the meantime if you think I’m missing a trick with anything, let me know!

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