iMusic Pillow

Over the years I have built a close relationship with a company called Genie Gadgets who I often do product and catalogue photography for and they came to me with the challenge of increasing sales for a specific product through photography alone.

The product they wanted me to work on was a best-selling product called the iMusic Pillow, essentially it is a pillow that has speakers inside it so you can plug in your phone or MP3 and listen to music as you drift off without having to try and fall asleep with earphones in and potentially killing yourself as they wrap around your neck in your sleep.

The image they were currently using was:


As you can see it’s a fairly standard product photography shot, white background and fairly uninspiring. It had done them well though given it was a best-selling product but they were convinced it could do better with a more lifestyle photograph showing the product in use.

The only way I was going to be able photograph this was to show somebody using the iMusic Pillow, I needed a model! Thankfully I found one willing to pose for my shot on and Charlie came over to my studio to work on the shoot with me.

We had a little play and the end result was as follows:


As you can see we’ve taken a lifestyle shot of the iMusic Pillow in use, the shot is modern and on brand for Genie Gadgets, but would it drive more sales?

We monitored sales of the product for the next 2 months and compared them with the same months in the previous year. YOY the new image had increased sales of this product by some 68%!

I’ve said time and again on this blog that good product photography will more than pay for itself and this is another good example of the time and effort in setting up the shot being well rewarded.



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