Lincoln Steampunk Festival Photographs

When my girlfriend and I learnt about the Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival whilst at a comic convention there was only ever going to be one outcome to owning this little nugget of knowledge, my camera and I were going to attend this epic weekend in one way or another.

A few phone calls to relevant publications and I managed to snag myself a job photographing the event for them, getting paid to attend an event I wanted to go to anyway, I don’t mind if I do good sir… and I can honestly say I wasn’t disappointed.

Everybody had gone to so much effort, there were some people in outfits there that must have spent hundreds upon thousands of pounds in creating, not to mention the time it would have taken to make other outfits, every did indeed look splendid.

I soon found my rhythm in approaching people to ask for photos and moving them to a location I wanted to photograph them in. Lincoln Castle was my base for the best part of the day and it offered up some superb natural backdrops for what was a most enjoyable day. Everybody was very receptive to being photographed and whilst there were times I found myself inside what could only be described as a “scrum” of photographers, I managed to escape with my camera still intact and

most importantly, some great photos of the event.

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