Natwest Bank Refurbishment Peterborough

Natwest Bank in Peterborough had recently refurbished their store and planned an opening day for customers to come in and have a look around and what they had done and introduce them to a range of new services.

As part of the opening of the new store was the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, as pictured in the photograph above and there was also a supply of drinks and coffees on hand for customers to enjoy whilst chatting to staff.

The brief was to capture the ribbon cutting and staff engaging with customers, whilst also doing some corporate portraits of the team on the day too. Natwest also required model release forms be signed for anybody in the photos so this involved getting a great picture of a customer, then shpowing them the image and asking if Natwest could use it. I was most surprised that not a single person said no and they all happily signed the forms I needed them to in order for Natwest to sue the images.

A big thanks to all the Natwest staff and their customers for making this a great day to photograph.

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