Normanton Church Sunset

I recently took a trip to Rutland Water with the lovely girlfriend in tow and we were treated to what turned out to be a fairly epic sunset coming down behind Normanton Church.

Despite the sun shining brightly, it was a blistering cold Aprils evening and the girlfriend quickly retreated back to the hotel we were staying in for the night leaving me with the debate of having to stay out and try find a good shot, or head with her out of the cold as quickly as possible.

The photographer in me won the debate and I’m glad I stayed out to get the above shot, the colours in it are what I saw at the time and I am always a happy bunny when the camera picks up what I’m seeing at the time. Whilst my fingers may have almost fallen off (I really do need gloves), it was worth the 10 minutes of discomfort running around the church to find the right angle to get both the sunset and the church in the shot. I really did give myself a lesson in composition getting this one, right back to the rule book!

Normanton Church, near Stamford is a photographers favourite and has been photographed many times, this is just my little effort, but I like it.

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