Peterborough Photography Lessons

Recently I launched a couple of photography courses in Peterborough which have had a good bit of interest, so I wanted to talk about why I decided to offer photography courses and what I think I can bring to your photography.

I remember learning photography, it was a constant trial and error over and over and over again. When I set off on the journey many years ago I was trying to teach myself, YouTube was just coming into fashion so there was a little help out there in the form of online videos, but largely I’d choose an event to go along to and photograph and see what I could learn when I was there.

Time and time again I’d come away from an event with far more questions than answers. Why was the sports car I was trying to photograph all blurry? Why did my images have a yellow tint to them when shooting indoors? Why on some occasions could I not get my camera to read enough light to get a good indoor exposure at events when flash wasn’t allowed? Honestly my head almost exploded at times! What would make it even worse would be when I’d look over the shoulder of the event photographer and see their camera screen with a perfect exposure every single time, how were they doing it?

I’m a fairly persistent person and I quickly picked up shutter speeds,¬†apertures, white balance, ISO and such through sheer stubbornness, but it was all born out of the fact that my auto settings on the camera wasn’t giving me the image I wanted. This is why I have started to offer the photography courses, because knowing I’ve been there, there must be so many other people having the same problems. If only when I was learning I’d have had somebody to ask these things, I’d have progressed so much quicker.

I am paid by my clients on a daily basis to solve there photography problems and deliver them professional images. So what problems are you having?

Burghley Horse Trials

Maybe your trying to capture motion as in this showjumping photo? Are you getting blurry images and wondering what the best camera settings are to rectify this? Understanding shutter speeds will instantly make you a better photography and allow you to capture the images you desire.

Sydney Opera House

Perhaps your struggling to shoot photographs in low light and need some guidance on how to get enough light to enter your camera sensor in order to give a great exposure?

Lindsay Thorpe Model Colours

Have you always wanted to shoot a male or female model but not known where to start? I work with models on a weekly basis who would be more than happy to come and work with us. You don’t need lavish locations to get great portraits, the above shot with Lindsay was taken at my home at home, understanding how to work with the light and surroundings for any given situation will take your photography forward leaps and bounds.


I could go on, but you’ll understand where I’m coming from by now I’m sure. So that’s the idea behind offering my photography courses, I simply know your fraustrations and I’d love to help you progress.

Interested? Check out my range of Peterborough photography courses and let me know how I can help you.

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