Peterborough Zombie Walk 2014 Photos

Each and every year around the streets of Peterborough hoards of zombies take to the streets to terrorize the city’s residents as part of the Peterborough Zombie Walk.

This event fast became one my favourite events to photograph and 2014 was bigger and better than ever. Hundreds of zombies of all ages turned up and spent a couple of hours wondering the streets of Peterborough, interacting with passers by and putting on a show for the ever growing crowds.

With the help of an ever growing social media presence this event is one that just keeps growing and growing. There were a LOT of photographers at this event and as word has spread the number grows each year so finding unique shots is paramount otherwise we’d all end up posting very similar photos, this year I did a little extra Photoshop work on them to separate them from the pack!

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