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Photography Courses In Stamford

1-2-1 Tuition, Workshops & Training,

If you are looking to improve and develop your photography skills then our range of photography courses in Stamford, Lincolnshire will help put you on the right path. Led by professional photographer Paul David Smith this is a chance to learn photography from a professional who has forged a career in photography since 2008. Whether via a one day workshop or a 1-2-1 tuition session we’re sure to have a course that will help you progress with your photography.

Paul has taught photography for more than 5 years and also leads a range of residential photography holidays throughout the UK.

Private 1-2-1 Photography Tuition
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Affordable private photography tuition near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Learn and improve the areas of photography that are important to you.

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Beginners Photography Masterclass
Courses Ran Monthly Near Stamford
Want to get off auto and release the full potential of your camera? This one day photography workshop will have you taking control of your camera in no time.

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Introduction To Studio Lighting Course
Courses Ran Bi-Monthly Near Stamford
Want to master studio lighting to improve your photography? This one day studio lighting workshop will help you to learn and improve your photography.

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  • As a newbie to the world of photography I needed some basic training that was simple to understand as a quick look through the manual that came with my camera had left me baffled. I found Paul online and thought learning from a professional seemed like a good idea and I'm so glad I did. Paul teaches you what you need to know and cuts through the jargon ensuring you have plenty of time to think and ask questions. He has also spent time answering my questions via email since the course which has been really helpful and unexpected. He genuinely seems to love photography and this enthusiasm is contagious, you cannot help but get excited about the things your camera can do with the way he teaches.
    Rhian Woodman


You can’t get great images to show off in your wedding photography portfolio without a wedding to photograph. You can’t get a wedding to photograph without great images to attract clients in the first place. What do you do?

Thankfully we have you covered, our one-day wedding photography portfolio builder course near Stamford, Lincolnshire will give you the images you need to attract your first few wedding photography clients and help your business to grow.

On this course you will have the chance to photograph our bride and groom in a scenic village church enabling you to add key shots like walking down the isle, exchanging rings and the first kiss to your portfolio. As we’ll be shooting in an actual church with our bride and groom models for the day this is a great chance to capture some beautiful, believable images.

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  • A few months ago the only thing I new about photography was having my camera on auto mode and pointing it in the direction I wanted to take a photograph in hope of capturing something good. I had shown some interest in trying to improve my photographs so my partner bought me one of Paul's training sessions as a Birthday present. Paul made me feel instantly at ease when I arrived and we spent the day going through the camera's functions, I was surprised just how much we fit into a day and that I walked away from the course knowing how to shoot in manual mode, something I'd never have thought I'd have been able to do before the course. A great experience and I'd recommend to all.
    Ryan Goodman
Give The Gift Of Photography

Photography Training Gift Vouchers

If you are you looking to give photogrpahy training as a gift, then our photography training gift vouchers are just what you have been looking for.

Giving the gift of photography training can really make a difference to your friends and families photography abilities. It’s one thing to own a camera, but having the knowledge of how to use it properly, learning how to understand and manipulate light and recognise good composition is what will really make a person’s photographs stand out.

We offer a range of photography training courses, workshops, holidays and 1-2-1 tuition sessions which can all be given as a gift. Simply select the training course or amount you’d like a voucher for and we’ll get one put in the post to you.

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