Lindsay Thorpe Photo-Shoot

This photo-shoot with Lindsay was all about trying something different and working on some images that would stand out from the crowd. We went about doing this by working with some bright pink and yellow backgrounds, which is a huge step away from the black and white backgrounds I’m acustomed to working with!

Lindsay Thorpe Model Colours

Lindsay Thorpe Model Colours

As ever I am a sucker for a good black and white edit and I couldn’t resist this one, the beauty of the plain studio backgrounds is they convert to solid grey’s really well in edits like this. This shot of Lindsay with messed up hair was shot whilst sat on my living room floor.

Lindsay Thorpe Model Colours

I have worked with Lindsay twice now and she continues to get better and better, her confidence in front of the camera is growing with every shoot and I wish her well with her modeling career going forward.

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  1. Mark Crowson

    What an absolutely gorgeous model Lindsay is, you have captured her extremely well and I really like the bright background colours, they are certainly a step away from the traditional black and white backgrounds you very frequently see.