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Red Bull Air Race Ascot

This was probably my most fun shoot of the year! Red Bull are a company I would love to spend my time travelling with photographing their events, on this occasion however I was just their enjoying the company of my loved one in what was an amazing day out.

I contacted both Red Bull and Ascot to make sure I wasn’t going to have any problems taking my camera gear and they both confirmed it was fine. Upon arriving I need not had worried, there were a lot of photographers at the event all trying to capture the planes whizzing by. For the photographers reading this, 4000/sec was my shutter speed of choice for the day, those planes were quick!

We were treated on the day to not only the Red Bull Air race, but a host of side attractions such as the Breitling Wing Walkers, a gyrocopter stunt show and of course The Red Arrows flypast.

I’m super happy with how the photographs came out given I was limited to regular spectator access areas, barriered off from all the good bits and had to give my girlie as much attention as I was giving the planes.

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