Portraits & Portfolio Building With Charlie

I have recently been working on a project to photograph some 356 gadgets for an eCommerce website and as part of the process I needed to have some model interaction in some of the photographs.  Charlie, an upcoming model, offered to help me out with some of the pictures and shoot some lifestyle shots with me interacting with the products. We worked our way through nearly 30 different gadgets shooting them in a variety of locations and despite not really having done lifestyle / product photography before she took to it like a duck to water as they say (whoever “they” are!).

I’ll put these pictures up in another post later on as they still need editing but as part of the 5 hour long shoot we did a few portrait photos of Charlie around my house to help build out her portfolio which I wanted to share with you.

Charlie was excellent, full of ideas and an absolute pleasure to work with, I’m really pleased with the results which can be seen below!

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