Pre-Wedding Quetionnaire

Thanks for hiring me to photograph your wedding for you. Before your big day it’s helpful for me to get as much information as I can about your wedding timeline and expectations so I can be sure to capture all of the shots that you would like and ensure that I don’t miss anything that is important to you.

You will have been provided a PDF wedding Questionnaire at the time you paid your deposit. If you could please fill out this questionnaire in as much detail as possible and return it to me within a few weeks of your wedding date that would be very much appreciated.

Please give particular attention to the group photographs section. This is a time during the day where people often find themselves stood around not knowing whether they are needed or not and it’s important we get a list of group shots that you would like so that I can ensure everybody is photographed in a swift organised manner. I promise your guests will appreciate you spending time on this beforehand.

Your completed wedding questionnaire should be returned to:

Many Thanks

Paul David Smith