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Product Photography Training Course

1-2-1 Workshops in Cornwall, UK

If you are looking to improve and perfect your product photography skills, perhaps you run or work in a business and need to take you own images, then this full day 1-2-1 product photography course in Cornwall, UK with professional photographer Paul David Smith will have you delivering professional looking results in no time. Good product photography is a skill which is learnt and perfected over a period of time and this course is designed to give you the building blocks to fast track this by teaching you methods and techniques which Paul has implemented into his own product photography for his clients since 2008.

Product Photographer Cornwall

Lifestyle Product Photography

Photographing products in a scene where the product would naturally fit in its use and purpose can help potential consumers envisage how and where they will use a product and this style of photography has grown hugely in popularity in recent years. Perfect for social media, catalogues, ecommerce and marketing, lifestyle photography allows you to be creative and create images that will improve conversion rates and drive sales. On this course we’ll cover:

Creating A Natural Scene
Prop selection and styling will make or break your lifestyle image and we’ll demonstrate how to create a visual story.
Natural Light Or Studio Lighting?
We’ll show you how we use both natural and studio lighting to create our desired look and feel for the image.
Post Processing In Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop.
How to edit out of camera photographs to become professional lifestyle images in post processing.

Product Photography Cornwall

Ecommerce / White Background Product Photography

Once you know how to take images with a perfect white background then it’s pretty straight forward, however putting a product on a piece of white card and firing some lights at it without knowing what you are doing is often going to lead you being frustrated, we understand that. Paul has photographed thousands of products against white backgrounds over the years and will teach you a tried and tested workflow including:

Lighting Setup & Camera Settings
Where to position your lights, what power to have them on and what camera settings are best for each lighting setup.
Composition & Product Placement
There are composition techniques which can be learn’t & angles which will always make your products look better.
Post Processing In Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop.
How to edit out of camera photographs to become professional white background images in post processing.

  • Full Day Product Photography Course
  • £295.00
  • Includes Up To Eight Hours Of 1-2-1 Instruction
  • White Background & Lifestyle Techniques
  • Up To 2 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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  • Wow, what a course! I'd tried to do my own product photography for my business and frankly it just wasn't very good. I saw Paul's course, looked at his images and jumped at the chance to spend a day learning from him. We covered both white background and lifestyle product photography in so much detail, I left feeling so confident that I was would be able to replicate everything that we had been through on my own. Paul is very knowledgeable and shared his own successes and failures with me so I didn't make the same mistakes he had. What is most impressive is that within 2 months of attending I have already made the money from the course back because the better photos have driven more sales and increased my conversion rates. This course is a no-brainer for anybody looking to shoot their own product photography and I'd highly recommend it.
    Duncan Kennedy - Cornwall, UK

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