St Andrews Church, Ufford With The Churches Conservation Trust

I was contacted recently by the Churches Conservation Trust who invited me to be the photographer for the vesting of a new church which had been taken into their care. St Andrews Church in the village of Ufford in Lincolnshire had been available for purchase for a fair while and the fact that it will now be given the care and attention it deserves from the Churches Conservation Trust is a real win.

The photography conditions inside the church were a little tricky as the power couldn’t be switched on which meant no lighting, combined with a grey dull day outside the inside of the church was quite dark. This is where the 70-200mm 2.8 lens really comes into it’s own and why I invested in it. My brief was to photograph the inside of the church and then the talks which were taking place telling the local villages of Ufford, which is near Stamford in Lincolnshire, about the plans the Churches Conservation Trust had for the church.

I didn’t want to use flash during the talks as it would have been very distracting for all involved in such a dark area, thankfully the performance of the lens combined with the high ISO quality of the Canon 5D MK III allowed me to shoot and get some great shots without the need for any additional lighting.

The external church shot above was taken on the morning after the event, given it was raining and dull outside I didn’t have much luck with any external shots on the day so I got up early the next morning and headed back to get this Landscape shot of the church.

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