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The Big Shoot At Castle Ashby Gardens

Sunday 24th June 2018, 10.00am - 17.00pm

A one day group workshop that is designed to take you from shooting standard portraits to putting on a larger scale shoot. Bringing together lighting, location hunting, storytelling, costume & prop selection, directing models and more.

The Big Shoot

What Exactly Is The Big Shoot?
A good photograph is very rarely the product of luck. A good photograph is the product of creativity, imagination and planning.

The Big Shoot is about educating how we go about planning and pulling together our larger scale shoots. This is far from a theory class though, as a group we are going to be working together to design some larger scale shoots from scratch so there will be plenty of shooting opportunities to get some great images throughout the day.

We’ll be packing our car with all the props and dresses that we can fit in, so this means we’ll be bringing with us swords, armour, crowns, capes, dragon eggs (yes really!), masks, headpieces, lanterns and maybe even a dress made from a parachute!

We’ll turn up with no preset ideas whatsoever. As a group we’ll work together to create the best images we can in a fantastic location and with an epic model.

We will guide you through:

– Storytelling
Perhaps the most important important part of any image. Why are you taking the photograph? What message do you hope to communicate to the viewer?

– Location Hunting
Yes we’ll be shooting in Castle Ashby Gardens, but there are hundreds of potential locations within the grounds you could shoot in. So how do we choose the best locations to work with our storytelling?

– Outfit & Prop Selection
We have over many years accumulated a vast array of props, dresses and outfits that we will pack into our car and bring with us. How and why do we choose our props? How do we use the props when shooting with them?

– Lighting
We’ll be shooting a mixture of natural light shots and studio flash shots dependent upon the conditions we find ourselves in and the feel we want to achieve. If you’ve never shot with studio lights on location this will be an education about how to use them and get realistic looking results.

– Model Direction
Do you sometimes find yourself stood in front of a model with little to no idea of what you want from them? Perhaps you just don’t know what to say to them. A good image is created via a collaboration between the photographer and their subject so we’ll definitely be covering communication with your models.

And More…
The beauty of creating a shoot together as a group is that we’ll all be able to share knowledge and answer each others questions as and how they arise. 

Perhaps you need more advice with camera settings? Perhaps you want to know how a light meter works? Perhaps you have never worked with a model before and just don’t know where to start? As a group, we’ll work it out and move you on in your photography.

Your Model For The Day Will Be Jade Lyon

Jade is a professional model with over 6 years experience. She has racked up some 230+ positive references on Purpleport and we are absolutely delighted to have such an experienced model joining us on the day.

You will have plenty of 1-2-1 shooting time with Jade and and we will include her in all the decision making processes with the images so it will be a true collaboration between all parties involved.

You can find out more about Jade Lyon at:



Book Your Place Now

Price: £125.00 – Includes entrance to venue, access to all props & outfits, plenty of shooting time with Jade and tuition throughout the day.

If you would like to join us for our photography extravaganza then you simply need to email to confirm your place. Payment will be via bank transfer. We’ll only be allowing a very small number of photographers to join us on the day, so please do book quickly to avoid disappointment. Participants accepted on a first come, first served basis.


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