Trash The Dress Photo-Shoot

For the first time ever I have decided to open up one of my photo-shoots and allow a small group of photographers to join me in the hope that we can create something amazing together. The theme for the shoot will be “Trash The Wedding Dress” and with the help of a professional female model, a stunning derelict church and a whole heap of Holi powder I hope to create a shoot where we’ll all walk away with some fantastic images for our portfolios.

The reason I have decided to open up one of my photo-shoots is very simple, I feel like it’s time to start helping others in the same way so many people helped me when I was learning. The reality of photography is that you need to get out and just keep shooting, learn from your mistakes, come across challenges and learn how to overcome them. A good way to accelerate this process is to shoot with people who may have already overcome those same challenges who can pass their knowledge on.

I also think that at the same time that 4 heads are probably going to be a lot more creative than one, so I’m really keen to see what we can come up with together.

I’m keeping the group size small with only 3 photographers joining me on the shoot in order to ensure everybody gets plenty of shooting time with the model, it will also allow me to work one on one with other photographers should they wish for me to do so. Photographers who simply love the idea of the shoot and don’t require any assistance are more than welcome too!

You can find out more about the Trash The Wedding Dress shoot on my Photography Courses page.

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  1. John Harris

    Hi Paul, I’d like to sign up to come and shoot on the day with you please. Having seen some of your work I’d be very keen to see how you go about running a shoot and picking up some tips along the day. I’ll drop you an email as well as this message! 🙂