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Wedding Photography Portfolio Builder Course

Our Next Course Will Take Place In Peterborough in 2018
You can’t get great images to show off in your wedding photography portfolio without a wedding to photograph. You can’t get a wedding to photograph without great images to attract clients in the first place. What do you do?

Thankfully we have you covered, our one-day wedding photography portfolio builder course will give you the images you need to attract your first few wedding photography clients and help your business to grow.

Wedding Photographer Cambridgeshire

On this course you will have the chance to photograph our bride and groom in a scenic village church enabling you to add key shots like walking down the isle, exchanging rings and the first kiss to your portfolio. As we’ll be shooting in an actual church with our bride and groom models for the day this is a great chance to capture some beautiful, believable images.

Wedding Photographer Peterborough

We’ll then move onto our beautiful reception venue where we will take the all important portraits of the bride and groom in a variety of setups. as we keep the groups for these courses small there is always plenty of one on one time with the bride & groom on the day where you can use the setups we suggest or direct them on your own.

Wedding Ring Photography Peterborough

No wedding portfolio is complete without the detail shots and we’ll provide plenty of opportunities to photograph wedding rings, bridal flowers, grooms buttonholes, cufflinks and all the little details that really help to make a wedding photography portfolio.

Wedding Photography Peterborough

We guarantee that as a minimum on our Wedding Photography Portfolio Building Course we will provide the following:

  • One bride & groom couple who just happen to be professional models and will assist you in getting great shots.
  • A beautiful rural village church location ensuring you get key church shots for your portfolio.
  • Multiple opportunities to photograph all the detail shots you’d expect to see in any wedding photographer’s portfolio.
  • Wedding portraits in multiple carefully chosen locations and at least one reception venue.
  • Photography advice and guidance on the day if required from somebody who actually photographs weddings.
  • Opportunities to try and use different lenses / cameras / lighting equipment.

We will always over deliver as we use these courses to get great shots for our own portfolios too and want to give you the best opportunities possible on the day to walk away with enough images to get yourself some real world wedding clients.

Our next course will take place in Peterborough in 2018. Please email to register your interest.

Price: £250.00

Interested in joining us on this photography portfolio builder course? Please get in contact!