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I'm happy to work with journalists and provide quotes, stories, facts and insights into the world of photography and filmmaking

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With more than 20 years experience in photography and filmmaking, I am always open to supporting journalists in their pursuit of crafting engaging, informative, and authentic stories. Whether it’s providing expert insights, quotes, or compelling narratives, I am committed to contributing to journalistic endeavors.

I understand that deadlines are often tight, with this in mind between the hours of 9am – 9pm, so long as I’m not in the middle of a photoshoot I will always aim to reply to your request within an hour.

Contribution to Journalistic Endeavors

As an individual deeply embedded in the world of visual arts, I am enthusiastic about sharing my expertise with journalists seeking to add depth and authenticity to their narratives. Here’s how I can support your journalistic endeavors:

Expert Insights and Quotes: Whether it’s analyzing current trends in photography, discussing the impact of visual storytelling on societal narratives, or sharing thoughts on the evolving landscape of filmmaking, I am eager to provide expert insights and quotes that enrich your articles and reports.

Compelling Stories: Behind every photograph and film lies a captivating story waiting to be unveiled. I am open to sharing personal anecdotes, behind-the-scenes experiences, or case studies that illustrate the power of visual narratives and their influence on our world.

Technical Know-how: From discussions on camera equipment advancements to insights into editing techniques and visual composition, I can provide technical expertise that enhances the depth and accuracy of your coverage on photography and filmmaking related topics.

Let’s Connect

If you seek to infuse your journalistic pieces with visual storytelling expertise, I welcome the opportunity to collaborate. Whether it’s for an interview, a feature story, or insights for an article, I am eager to contribute to your narrative by offering my experience, expertise, and stories within the realm of photography and filmmaking.

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