Privacy Policy

Paul David Smith Ltd are conscious that privacy and security concerns are a concern to all of our users so we’re pleased to present our detailed outline as to how any data that you provide to us is used.

A brief outline of our privacy policy is extremely simple. Any data provided to us is stored securely and we do not share your data with any third party companies or organisations whatsoever. We are also sure to comply with all of the legal requirements in obtaining, storing and sharing data.

We may on occasion ask you to share your data with us, reasons we may do this include:

  • Giving us the ability to provide you with personalised services.
  • Allowing us to send you email newsletters and alerts that you have requested.
  • Helping us to improve the services that we offer.
  • In order to sell appropriate advertising on the website.

Essentially whatever data you supply is used by us only and will never be passed on to anybody, ensuring it always remains safe and secure.

Privacy & Cookie Policy
At the present time no cookies are used on the website other than to track our visitor’s usage of the website. This cookie only allows us to see generic use of the site and no individual personal details. We may use this data for internal reporting processes, the types of reports this cookie allows us to run are as follows:

  • Total number of visitors for any given period of time.
  • Most popular web pages for any given period of time.
  • Traffic data by geographical location.
  • Deterring a users journey through the website.
  • Length of time spent on the website.
  • Other generic usage data for the website.

Links and Third Party Advertising links out to many different web domains of which we have no control over. Our privacy policy covers your usage of only and you should take the time to check the privacy policy of any domain you visit other than this website.

Should you have any enquiries our privacy policy or the data held about you please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at:

Should you not agree with our privacy policy you should not provide any personal data with us and should disable cookies in your web browser when using the website.