Pink & Yellow Background Photography

This post could easily have been named “trying something new” because largely that’s what this little photography experiment was all about. How many photos of models do you see with white or black backgrounds? How many photos have I taken myself of people with the same coloured backgrounds time and time again? The answer is a lot!

So I headed over to Wex Photographic and ordered myself 2 of the brightest coloured backgrounds I could possible find, 1 pink, 1 yellow. Wex were excellent as always and delivered them the next day without fuss or hassle.

Lindsay Thorpe Model Colours

Lindsay was my model for the day and it was good fun working out with her how to make the most of these backgrounds. We found the key for us was getting the clothing/lingerie colours right. Some colours worked, some just simply didn’t. Lindsay had bought a blue lingerie set with her which in my head should have worked against the yellow, but the end results didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped. On the flip side, the black and white top against the yellow in the photo at the top of this page really works, so it was a game of experimentation to get it right.

For a first time outing I don’t think we did too badly with these coloured portraits and I do like the way they stand out, I’ll continue to play with them again in the future and see what else I can do with them. At 2.7metres long the challenge I now have is finding somewhere to store them!

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