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Peterborough Rowing Regatta

Peterborough’s annual summer regatta takes place on their 1,000 metre rowing course in the heart of the city. The event saw nearly three hundred and fifty races over the course of two days in August. I was asked to cover the event for a local magazine who wanted some action shots of the rowers taking part in the competitions throughout the weekend.

The weekend was challenging, the rowers were so quick so a fast shutter speed was needed to freeze the action. All whilst contending with the ever changing weather conditions, which went from beautiful sunny skies to dark rain cloud cover in the matter of minutes.

These are my favourite shoots to do though as they offer so many photo opportunities throughout the day as the action is just continuous. I used my Canon 5DMK3 and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens to get nice and close to the rowers allowing me to capture some great action shots.

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