Product Photography For MAHI Leather

I first worked with MAHI Leather a few months ago when I headed over to their offices in Stamford to do some photography training with some of their team. I was really impressed with how quickly they picked up the photography training and fully expected that to be the last I heard of them. They didn’t need me now; they knew how to do it themselves!

So, I was surprised when I got an email asking if I’d head over there to do some product photography for them. I get too involved at times, so I couldn’t resist asking them why they weren’t doing the photographs themselves? Confidence… was the answer, they knew how to do the photos, they just didn’t have the confidence to do them.

Leather Bag Photographs

With this in mind I asked their photographer in training if she’d like to join me on the shoot to see how I did it, with the hope that it would give her this much-needed confidence to do it herself next time. Our live shoot / training combo was born and I headed back to their offices with all my gear to photograph their new products for them.

The bags we were photographing on the day for MAHI Leather were super high quality and whilst the shots we were doing are very simple ecommerce photography / white backgrounds, I think this reflects through in the final images.

Leather Bag Photography

I do white background photography every week, it’s part and parcel of being a product photographer. It’s easy to forget that the confidence to tackle this type of photography comes from that, repetition, each and every week. It’s only when we do something over and over and over again that we develop the knowledge to be able to tackle whatever is thrown at us.

I end this blog post with my top tip which I learn’t the hard way. If you find yourself in a situation where confidence is holding your photography back, get out there and practice, then practice some more and when you finally think you’ve got the hang of it, practice some more. You’ll never improve your photography by keeping your camera in the cupboard!

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