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Driftwood Photography Studio

A Small Yet Perfectly Formed Photography Studio In the UK.

Driftwood is the home studio of photographer Paul David Smith who shoots portraits, products, video and other creative photoshoots here most days. Whilst small, it has been kitted out effectively to make the best use of the space to deliver the professional results our clients demand each and every time.

Driftwood Photography Studio

What Makes Driftwood An Awesome Please To Shoot?

When you shoot in the same space every day you want a space that makes taking photographs easy and Driftwood Studio was designed from the ground up with this in mind. Driftwood’s main features are:

–  3 x 3 Metre Shooting Space
Let’s be straight here, Driftwood is a small studio space in Paul’s home designed for portraits, product photography and creative shoots. You arn’t going to photograph large groups of people or elaborate dance scenes in this space but that is what we love about it. It’s a cleverley designed small space which is perfect for 90% of all our shoots.

– Wall Mounted Boom Arm Light Stands
The studio features 2 wall mounted boom arm light stands that cover 95% of the available shooting area. This means no space is taken up by light stands and you can get your lights exactly where you want them each and every time.

– Battery Powered Studio Lights
The studio is fit out with battery-powered Citi600 studio lights from Pixapro meaning no leads trailing all over the studio for you to trip over.

– Professional Paper Backdrops
The wall-mounted backdrop system tucks nicely against the back wall of the studio space ensuring no valuable space is taken up by backdrop stands. We currently have white/grey and red backdrops available in the studio, giving you perfect studio shots each and every time.

– Wooden/Laminate Floor
Photographers are a messy bunch at times during shoots, we fitted the wood effect laminate flooring to ensure no difficult clean up’s after shoots.


Can I Shoot Large Groups or Products At Driftwood?

No, the working space is 3×3 metres and the backdrop system is 1.8metres wide. You won’t photograph more than 2 to 3 people here in a group realistically.

Is This A Home Studio At Your House?

Yes, Driftwood Studio is located in what non-photographers would call a spare bedroom. It is on the first floor of our house.

Can I Hire Driftwood For My Own Photoshoot?

Yes you can. simply hit the “book now” button and you’ll be presented with a booking page.

Can You List All Of Your Equipment?

We have so much and it is added too frequently, but we’ll do our best!

– 2 x Pixapro Citi 600 Studio Lights
– 1 x Pixapro LED100D MKII Daylight Balanced LED Studio Light
– 1 x Elinchrom D-Lite 4 RX Head
– 1 x Elinchrom D-Lite 2 RX Head
– 1 x Elinchrom D-Lite 1 RX Head
– Professional Background Roller System With Grey / White / Red Backdrops
– 2 x Pixapro Wall Mounted Boom Light Stand
– 2 x Pixapro Wall Mounted Static Light Stands
– Various Lighting Triggers For All Camera Brands
– 1 x 120cm Octagonal Softbox
– 1 x 90cm Octagonal Softbox
– 2 x Stripboxes
– 1 x 100cm Beauty Dish
– 1 x 40cm Beauty Dish
– 1 x Snoot
– Various Reflectors
– Various Clamps / Adapters & Light Stand Clips
– Various Light Stands
– Various Tripods
– 1 x Pixelstick
– 1 x Remote Control Video Slider
– All The Tea & Coffee You Can Drink!

What If I haven’t Shot In A Studio Before?

Don’t panic, we know the first time shooting in any studio can be daunting but Paul will always be on hand to help you where required and this personal hands-on service is part of the charm of shooting at Driftwood.

Are Your Studio Staff DBS Checked?

Paul is DBS checked and is happy to share a copy of his DBS certificate with any client, no matter whether they are a business, charity, organisation or individual.

You can read more about Paul’s DBS check here.

DBS Checked

Driftwood Studio 360 Tour

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  • Paul has done such a remarkable job with a small space when designing Driftwood Studio, it is perfect for portraits or any shoot where you don't need a large space. The wall-mounted light stands and backdrop system means no space is wasted and once you get used to them you'll want them in your own house they are so good! The studio is great and has all the lights, modifiers and accessories that you would expect. The real advantage to shooting at Driftwood of course was having Paul there, he helped set up the lights, gave tips and advice when I asked for them and his general knowledge of photography and lighting is incredible. I've shot at Driftwood Studio a few times now and I'll certainly be back in the future.
    Sam Johnson - Cornwall, UK

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