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I Am A DBS Checked Photographer

For Your Peace Of Mind

When hiring a photographer you often do not know the person that you are hiring and this could pose some questions. That is why for peace of mind and transparency I am always happy to share a copy of my DBS certificate with any client, no matter if they are a business, charity, organisation or individual.

DBS Check For Photographers

Do Photographers Legally Require A DBS Check?

According to the UK Disclosure & Barring Service a DBS check is only required for photographers who regularly work with vulnerable children and adults in schools, nurseries or care homes.

In general, outside of the above, there is no legal requirement for a portrait or wedding photographer for example to be DBS checked.

So Why Have I Been Checked?

I a nutshell, I have nothing to hide. I have undertaken a Standard DBS check for your own peace of mind and transparency of myself as a person. I’ve always run this business with a strong degree of honesty, integrity and openness so if seeing my DBS certificate gives you some peace of mind when hiring me, I have no problem with that whatsoever.

How Often Is It Renewed?

I have signed up to the DBS Update Service so any business can log on and see a live certificate, correct at the time they request it. If I didn’t do this then my certificate would only have been valid up to the point it was printed and wouldn’t cover anything since that printed date.

How Can I see Your Certificate?

If you are a charity, business or organisation, drop me an email and I’ll send you my DBS Update Service ID and date of birth. You can use this information on the DBS Update Service website to see my certificate. If you are an individual, you are not allowed to use the above service as it’s only available to businesses and such. Once we have got you booked in, just ask and I’ll organise for you to see a copy of the printed certificate.