Solar Eclipse – March 2015

I have to admit to being quite excited when I heard that we were about to witness a solar eclipse here in the UK, I’d missed the last one back in 1999 and the thought of another one not happening for at least another 10 years was enough to get me out of bed camera in hand. I researched how to photograph the sun successfully previously and got up nice and early to watch the event unfold.

Much to my horror when I awoke the sky was full of thick cloud and it didn’t look like it was going to break so I’d be able to watch the eclipse in any way shape or form as you couldn’t see a thing behind all that cloud.

Luckily as I stood at my back door with my lil lady ( who happened to be waving around a colander and telling me it was the safest way to look at the sun ????) there was a break in the cloud and I managed to get the shot above. The gap lasted for a good few minutes giving us plenty of time to see the eclipse.

My Facebook wall was full of pictures of thick white cloud with no eclipse in sight, I guess we just got lucky here in Peterborough! So that’s my solar eclipse story, it was actually nice seeing it with the girlfriend and I’m pretty pleased with the picture I got too. All in all, worth getting out of bed for!

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