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Spaceman, Iceland Photography Holidays

A Private 1-2-1 Spaceman Themed Photography Holiday In Iceland For You And Your Group Of Up To 3 People

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for photographers!

Hands up now, who would like to join us in Iceland on a 5-day / 4 night space photography mission where we not only take in some of the best locations that beautiful Iceland has to offer, but attempt to recreate the moon landing photographs on Iceland’s lunar-like landscapes. Professional photographer Paul David Smith will lead you on this 1-2-1 private Spaceman themed photography holiday along the south coast of Iceland, giving you the opportunity to photograph our Spaceman in some epic landscapes.

Iceland Photography Holiday

Transport Around Iceland Included
Private Holiday For You & Your Group
Traditional Icelandic Accommodation Included
Price Is For Up To 3 People – Not Per Person


Tell Me More About This Space Suit You Have…

We’re glad you asked, because it has been a labour of love putting it together and we are pretty proud of it!

When we researched buying a spacesuit for this trip we were presented with 2 options, remortgage our house to get something that looked extremely realistic, or sell our car to get something that looked like a cheap remake of a spacesuit, so we had to think outside the box.

After months of research, talking to people on forums and investigating building our own, we met a man who knew a man who claimed to own the backup suit for Michael Collins which was made for the Movie First Man. A little negotiation later and we now own a movie-quality replica of the main fabricated parts of a spacesuit.

This left us needing to replicate the hardware, so we spent months learning CAD design, bought a 3D printer and got to work. We don’t want to pat ourselves on the back too hard, but it all looks amazing and we know you’re going to be over the moon photographing it (sorry…).

Apollo 11 Spacesuit
Apollo 11 Spacesuit
Apollo 11 Spacesuit

That Sounds Great! What Locations Will We Visit?

We’ll be exploring the south coast of Iceland and it really has it all – waterfalls, glaciers, beaches, mountains, volcanoes and most importantly, black sandy lunar-like beaches that will work perfectly for our moon landing recreation.

On Our List Will Be:

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
Skógafoss waterfall
Lots Of Other Waterfalls!
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach
Vik Village
The Diamond Beach / The Crystal Beach
The Sólheimasandur Plane wreckage
And Many More. Iceland is the type of country where photographers will be driving along screaming “stop the car, I need to photograph that!” about every 5 minutes.

Iceland Photography Holiday

We Are Going To Recreate The Moon Landing You Say?

Yes! This is something that has been on our hit list of shoots for such a long time and we’re pleased to be able to share this shoot experience idea with you. We’ve studied the moon landing photographs, the lighting, shadows, etc. and are confident that with our spacesuit and the right Icelandic location, we can recreate this to quite a high standard indeed.

We’ll be bringing 2 Pixapro battery-powered Citi-600 lights which will allow us to replicate the lighting patterns of the original moon landing images. If you look at the images below, the lighting is very directional (from the sun) with heavy shadows to one side.

We’ll also be bringing props like a replica of the Hasselblad camera, the American flag, etc. to make it realistic and give the images the moon-landing storyline. Luckily, the spacesuit fits Paul like a glove and he’ll happily bound around for you pretending to be on the moon for as long as you’d like him too.

Not Limited To This Shoot…..

It’s worth noting that being in Iceland with a spacesuit will present multiple opportunities to get creative shots with the spaceman theme that aren’t moon landing recreation shots. We’ll have the suit with us the whole time and will be happy to wear it for you to get the shots you want.

Want to wear the suit yourself? If you are roughly 6 foot tall and medium build then it should fit you and on the basis you treat it with respect, we are happy for you to do so!

Moon Landing
Moon Landing
Moon Landing

What Else Is Included?

We’ll book a traditional Icelandic house on the south coast which we will all share, you will have you own private rooms of course. It is perfectly located for easy access to our chosen photographic locations within the area.

Your Trip For Up To 3 People
Whether you want to come and join us in Iceland on your own, with your partner or as a small group we allow up to 3 people to attend this trip at no additional cost. The price is for you all, not per person.

Food & Drinks
We stock the house with food and drinks for breakfast and lunch. Everybody attending is welcome to help themselves to this and it is all included in the price. In the evening we will head out to a local Restaurant / Café and the cost for this you would need to cover yourself. We will always eat in places that are reasonably priced.

Transfers & Travel When In Iceland
We’ll hire a 4×4 to travel around in whilst in Iceland and will pick you up from and drop you back to the airport in time for your flights.

Photography Tuition
Paul David Smith is a professional photographer with over 10 years’ experience. Loving nothing more than spending a weekend trekking through the Icelandic landscapes, Paul will guide you through the holiday covering many subjects including:

– Off Camera Lighting
– Composition Techniques
– Location Hunting/Chasing The Light
– Long Exposure & Filters
– Post Processing
– Drone Photography (if weather is favourable).

This is your trip, we keep the numbers small so Paul has time to spend with everybody focusing on the things that are important to them. Whether you are still trying to get yourself off of auto or your a seasoned pro, this trip offers opportunities for everybody to improve their photography skills.

Flights Are Not Included
You will need to arrange your own flights to Iceland for this trip. We will either meet you in Iceland at Reykjavik airport, or if you are flying out from London we’ll try arrange for us all to go out on the same flight.

Spaceman Iceland Photography Holiday

I’m Presuming There Will Be Landscape Photography Opportunities?

Of course! In fact, there are landscape photography opportunities around every corner, Iceland is so photogenic and as we explore the south coast we’ll be stopping to capture plenty of landscape photographs as well.

Want to put yourself in the photograph? Epic image of you standing in front of a waterfall? This is something we do a lot and we’ll show you how we do it without needing somebody else to photograph you.

Limited Availability

Due to time constraints we only run this trip twice per year maximum, so you will be part of a very select few people who are ever able to capture these images. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • £4995.00
  • Photograph Beautiful Waterfalls, Glaciers, Plane Wrecks, Beaches & A Spaceman!
  • We'll Organise Everything, You Just Need To Turn Up Ready To Shoot
  • Up To 3 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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  • "I've booked us on a photography holiday to Iceland where we are going to go and recreate the moon landing photographs!" my partner said with glee. I was initially sceptical about the idea, I love photography but this wasn't anything I'd even considered in my life. Oh my goodness what a trip it was! Iceland is simply incredible, the landscapes really are out of this world. Partnered with Paul's knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to helping us create some amazing photographs and improve our photography along the way, this is a tour that I will never forget in my life. Paul has put so much effort into creating something really unique here, the spacesuit is incredible, the photography concepts were astounding, I cannot praise him or the trip enough.
    Marie Wainright - UK


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