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Photography Courses In London, UK

Full Day Workshops, Lessons, Classes, 1-2-1 Photography Tuition & Training In London, UK

Photography Course Details

Duration: Full Day, 10am – 5pm
Location: London, UK
Date: This is a 1-2-1 course, book a date that suits you.

This tailored one-day photography workshop in London, personally led by professional photographer Paul David Smith is completely customized to focus on the photography skills which you want to develop the most.

Whether you are just starting out with photography and are puzzled by your camera’s features, or you are more experienced and keen to refine specific skills, a day with Paul ensures you will progress on your photographic journey. Paul’s expertise in navigating photography challenges for his clients on a daily basis means you are in for a day full of learning, and a noticeable advancement within your photography skills. From understanding your camera’s fundamental settings, to mastering the art of composition, this course offers a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience.

London Photography Courses

This photography workshop in London covers a wide array of genres, including landscapes, commercial & advertising, portraits, street scenes, and nature photography. Far more than just learning about the theories behind the lens; it places you right in the midst of real-world settings for practical, hands-on experience. You’ll take part in shooting sessions designed to challenge and enhance your skills, with each session followed by constructive, personalized critiques. The workshop extends into post-production of your photographs, teaching you advanced techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom to further polish your photos.

As this is a tailored course Paul will ask you prior to the course taking place to detail what you’d like to learn and improve upon. He will then plan the course entirely around your photographic objectives to ensure at the end of the day you have obtained the skills and knowledge you need.

A few examples of what you could learn on the course:

  • Take control & get out of auto mode.
  • Benefits of using P, S, TV, A, AV or M modes.
  • How to shoot pin sharp images every time.
  • Blur backgrounds using aperture.
  • Master difficult lighting conditions.
  • Understand ISO and the exposure triangle.
  • Camera equipment advice.
  • Choose the correct camera image settings.
  • Use different White Balance settings.
  • Stop motion using shutter speeds.
  • How to use off camera flash.
  • How to avoid out of focus images.
  • Understand lenses and focal lengths.
  • Master composition for strong images.
  • Post production image techniques.
  • You tell me what you’re struggling with!

Photography Workshops In London

About Photographer Paul David Smith

Working as a professional photographer since 2008, Paul has worked with some of the UK’s leading companies, including the BBC, Sky, Disney, British Airways and TUI Travel. His knowledge of photography covers a wide variety of genres and he uses this experience gained over the years to help others learn and progress with their own photography. He breaks photography down into simple, easy to understand and implement ideas. No difficult jargon to understand and remember, just plain, straight forward, practical advice which will make a real difference to your photographs. Whether you are a business who wants to teach you own workforce how to take better photographs or an individual who wants to improve their own skillset, Paul will take the time to understand your needs and requirements, planning the ideal course to help you progress.

Photography Courses In London
  • Full Day 1-2-1 Photography Training In London
  • £350.00
  • Full Day 1-2-1 Photography Instruction
  • Focus On What Is Important to You
  • Up To 2 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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  • Private Group Photography Training In London
  • £595.00
  • Full Day Private Photography Instruction
  • Focus On What Is Important to You
  • Up To 10 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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Our Photography Workshops Have Been Featured In

The Sunday Times
National Geographic
The Guardian
Digital Photographer
The Telegraph
  • "I contacted Paul with a view to learning how to use my camera on Manual mode and finally get myself off the auto mode which I had been stuck on for many years. I had tried so many times to learn from Youtube videos and magazines how to do this and it just would not click in my head so when I met Paul in central London I was a little sceptical that I'd be able to learn it in a day. I was wrong, I learnt in 4 hours what had confused me for years and we spent the rest of the day practicing it all and learning about how to compose a great photograph too. Paul clearly enjoys teaching photography and has complete confidence in his abilities to help people learn and understand new concepts. Easily the most fun day of photography I have had for a long time!"
    Patricia Haines - London
  • "This photography course with Paul was great, his approach to teaching is hands-on, making complex photography concepts easy to understand. I really enjoyed the practical sessions which took place in various locations around London and not only improved my technical skills, but also my creative eye. Paul's feedback throughout the course was constructive and personalized, pushing me to think differently about pre-existing ideas and perceptions I had. The course was well-organized, inspiring and extremely beneficial. It's definitely boosted both my personal confidence using my camera and my general photography skills. I would certainly recommend the course to others and am sure to book on another course with Paul once I have had time to practice everything I learnt."
    Kimberly Taylor - London
  • "My company enrolled me onto Paul's 1-2-1 photography course with a view to us doing our own in house product photography rather than using an agency. I'd attempted to try some photos on my own prior to the course and just didn't have a clue how to get them looking professional despite us paying a lot of money for a professional grade camera. Paul talked me through all the camera settings and then introduced me to the world of lighting which was a game changer and instantly made the photographs look much better. His teaching style was relaxed and he has an ability to ensure I understood everything and remembered it afterwards. I was very impressed with this course and was quite impressed with just how much I managed to learn within a single day."
    Brittany Lewis - London
  • "Participating in Paul's photography course was so helpful to me as we focused on street photography, which I was very nervous to try on my own and hence hadn't tried before. Paul guided me through the busy London streets, teaching me how to capture the shots I wanted without being obtrusive and upsetting people. His hands-on approach not only improved my technique but also my confidence in using my camera in public locations. This experience has deffinately influenced my approach to street photography, encouraging me to explore more and fear less when it comes to capturing life in the city. Thank you Paul for helping me take my first steps on what I hope will be a very rewarding journey."
    Megan Clark - London
  • "We hired Paul to come into our business and teach 6 members of staff how to take better photographs for our social media channels. Our group was a very mixed bag, with some people knowing how to use professional DSLR's and others barely knowing how to take a photograph on their phone. It was very impressive to watch Paul teach the group in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. Nobody felt like they couldn't do anything he explained, the beginners learnt so much and the more experienced people even more! This was due to the fact that he managed to spend so much time one on with people as well as explaining things as a group. Everybody got out of it what they needed and our social media photographs are already so much better than they were."
    Gerald (IAG) - London


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