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Photography Courses In Cheltenham, UK

Full Day Training, Workshops, Lessons, Classes & 1-2-1 Photography Tuition In Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

Photography Workshop Details

Duration: Full Day, 10am – 5pm
Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK
Date: This is a 1-2-1 course, book a date that suits you.

If you are you looking to take the next steps on your photography journey to improve your photos, master your camera or start to specialise in a specific genre of photography, then spending a day with professional photographer Paul David Smith will set you on the right path.

Paul tailors all of his courses to focus on the areas that will help you improve your photography the most. He firmly believes that by spending just a single day with him he can cut months, if not years off of your photography learning journey. He breaks each element of photography down into easy, simple to understand ideas and concepts. You’ll learn the theory behind these ideas, followed instantly by heading out and putting them into practice. This combination really helps to cement this new knowledge you will learn into your everyday photography routines.

Photography Courses In Cheltenham

Before the course has even started Paul will ask you to send over a short brief detailing what you’d like to achieve from the course. This is your opportunity to share any areas you struggle with and ensure at the end of the course you have learnt how to overcome these challenges and have a clear plan for moving forwards with your photography.

Whether you just want to learn how to better use your camera and what all the functions and buttons do, or you want to start to specialise in an area like street photography, landscapes, product photography, portraits or weddings, etc. Paul will use his years of professional experience in both photography and teaching to create a course that you will find both enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

A few examples of what you could learn on this workshop:

  • Take control & get out of auto mode.
  • Benefits of using P, S, TV, A, AV or M modes.
  • How to shoot pin sharp images every time.
  • Blur backgrounds using aperture.
  • Master difficult lighting conditions.
  • Understand ISO and the exposure triangle.
  • Camera equipment advice.
  • Choose the correct camera image settings.
  • Use different White Balance settings.
  • Stop motion using shutter speeds.
  • How to use off camera flash.
  • How to avoid out of focus images.
  • Understand lenses and focal lengths.
  • Master composition for strong images.
  • Post production image techniques.
  • You tell me what you’re struggling with!

Photography Courses In Cheltenham

Who Is Photographer Paul David Smith?

Photography has dominated Paul’s life since an early age and he set out on a journey long ago where he looks to improve his work each and every day. He’s been lucky enough to travel the globe as a commercial photographer who has worked with the likes if British Airways, Disney, TUI Travel, The BBC and many other amazing companies.

Paul started teaching photography many years ago where he found he equally enjoyed helping people to improve their own photography almost as much as he enjoys taking his own images. These days that love of teaching photography has grown and he has now shared his simple, easy to understand photography learning methods with thousands of people both throughout the UK and across the world.

With every course Paul tries to create a relaxed environment where everybody feels like they can ask questions and really get involved, making them a truly interactive learning experience.

Cheltenham Photography Courses
  • £295.00
  • Full Day 1-2-1 Photography Instruction
  • Focus On What Is Important to You
  • Up To 2 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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  • Private Group Photography Training In Cheltenham
  • £495.00
  • Full Day Private Photography Instruction
  • Focus On What Is Important to You
  • Up To 10 People Can Attend At No Additional Cost
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Our Photography Workshops Have Been Featured In

The Sunday Times
National Geographic
The Guardian
Digital Photographer
The Telegraph
  • "I joined Paul's 1-2-1 photography course with a view to learning how to use my camera on manual mode. I'd outgrown auto mode and had become a little frustrated with it as it rarely did what I wanted it to do. The problem was, learning manual mode on the camera seemed like some kind of dark art that only a select few had mastered and no amount of Youtube videos or books was helping me. I'll put this into perspective now, within 4 hours Paul had me shooting in manual mode with a simple method to work out all the settings for each and every shot. It was comforting to know it's the exact way he shoots himself too. I feel like a fool for not doing it sooner, but am so pleased I joined this photography course!"
    Gavin K - Cheltenham, UK
  • "I booked in a full day photography course with Paul after receiving a recommendation from one of my friends who had already taken a course with Paul. She was very complimentary so I didn't have any fears about booking on myself. the course was better than I'd hoped it would be. Paul has an ability to make everything seem like it is very simple, easy to understand and largely just common sense at times. There was no complicated jargon to try and understand and I feel like having left the course I can now remember it all and I have managed to put it into practice since too. A really fun day and I'll be back for another course when I've managed to practice everything I learnt on this one."
    Richard James - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK


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