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Photography Courses In Exeter, UK

Full Day Training, Workshops, Lessons, Classes & 1-2-1 Photography Tuition In Exeter, UK

Photography Workshop Details

Duration: Full Day, 10am – 5pm
Location: Exeter, UK
Date: This is a 1-2-1 course, book a date that suits you.

Are you looking to take the next steps in your photography journey? This one day photography course in Exeter with professional photographer Paul David Smith is tailored to your specific requirements, focusing on the areas of photography that you’d like to improve the most.

Whether you are a complete beginner who barely knows how to turn on their camera, or a more experienced camera user who is looking to improve certain areas of their photography, spending a day with a professional photographer who earns a living by solving his clients many photographic challenges will undoubtedly help to develop your photography skills further.

Photography Courses In Exeter

Prior to the course commencing we’ll ask you to send us over a list of areas you’d like to focus on most. Paul will then tailor the course content to your individual requirements. These are hands on courses where you’ll learn theory behind how something works and then do multiple practical exercises in order to help ensure your new skills remain with you long after the course has finished.

Paul is able to cover a wide variety of genres and the course can be tailored towards general camera settings, landscapes, portraits, product photography, street photography and a whole lot more.

A few examples of what you could learn on this workshop:

  • Take control & get out of auto mode.
  • Benefits of using P, S, TV, A, AV or M modes.
  • How to shoot pin sharp images every time.
  • Blur backgrounds using aperture.
  • Master difficult lighting conditions.
  • Understand ISO and the exposure triangle.
  • Camera equipment advice.
  • Choose the correct camera image settings.
  • Use different White Balance settings.
  • Stop motion using shutter speeds.
  • How to use off camera flash.
  • How to avoid out of focus images.
  • Understand lenses and focal lengths.
  • Master composition for strong images.
  • Post production image techniques.
  • You tell me what you’re struggling with!

Photography Workshops In Exeter

Meet Paul David Smith, Your Photography Tutor

Since 2008, Paul David Smith has taken part in thousands of different photoshoots for hic personal and commercial clients. As a dedicated professional photographer his journey in photography is extensive, covering an array of subjects from the joy of weddings to the beauty of landscapes, and from the uniqueness of portraits to the detail in product shots.

Paul’s understanding of photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about storytelling through the lens. He’s an experienced teacher in various photography styles, drawing from a rich pool of personal experiences he shares his learnings from both slip-ups and triumphs.

Paul isn’t just passionate about photography; he’s passionate about teaching it. He thrives on sharing his insights and skills with those eager to learn. For him, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching his students grow and evolve in their photography abilities. Each course he conducts is a chance for him to witness transformations, as attendees leave far more skilled than when they arrived. For Paul, the true joy comes from seeing the confidence and progress in every photographer he mentors.

Photography Workshops In Exeter
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Our Photography Workshops Have Been Featured In

The Sunday Times
National Geographic
The Guardian
Digital Photographer
The Telegraph
  • "I recently took a photography course with Paul and it was a game-changer for me in terms of my photography progression. The course was incredibly well-structured, covering everything from the basics of camera settings to more advanced techniques like off camera lighting and composition. Paul's teaching style was both engaging and informative, making even the more complex topics easy to understand. What really stood out was the practical aspect of the course. I got plenty of hands-on experience, which helped me to solidify what I had learned in theory. The personal feedback from Paul was great, and it was clear that he tailored his advice to each student's level and interests. The course atmosphere was fantastic, really relaxed and informal which meant I was able to ask a lot of questions. I left the course feeling much more confident in my photography skills and inspired to explore more on my own. It's a course I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to up their photography game."
    Emma Johnson - Exeter
  • "I contacted Paul as I have a dream of being a professional photographer and I wanted to spend a day with somebody who was actually doing it on a daily basis to see what I could learn. I was blown away with how open Paul was throughout the course, he not only shared a whole host of tips and tricks to help me progress my photography skills, but was also happy to discuss the commercial side of the business and how he goes about getting work through the door. I thought I was fairly competent with a camera, but I left knowing a lot more than I knew when I arrived. I'm now shooting entirely in manual mode using artificial flash which are both things I didn't know how to do. Paul is a really nice guy so spending a day with him was a pleasure, he is very passionate about photography and sharing those skills that he has learnt over many years with others. All in all this was a fantastic course and I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody looking to improve their photography."
    Michael Thompson - Exeter


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